Tranquil Retreat

Construction by Ken Woodman Co.

When this family’s children outgrew their climber, they decided to transform the play yard into a secluded area for reading, dining and gardening. The new garden is enclosed on one side by a semi-opaque fence which gives it privacy from the neighbors. Crab trees underplanted with blueberries add additional screening.

The rear of the new terrace is framed by a berm closely planted with ever greens and twiggy deciduous trees; this berm both screens the view of the houses on adjacent lots from the house and protects those sitting on the terrace from discomfort caused by the steep slope directly behind it.

A new perennial bed gives the owners a chance to garden.

A second terrace close to the house creates a generous entry way to the back door, the basement and the garden as well as providing a site for grilling.

The garden before construction, viewed from the side porch.

Overlayed sketches.

The finished trees and beds in August 2008.

The Second Year

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